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I cracked a tooth at the beginning of this whole lock down thing. I had an appointment with my dentist for a cleaning the next week, but they canceled it and told me to call back when it gets painful. I get it. It’s hard to see patience, but tooth infections are actually very dangerous. I babied the tooth, and then three weeks later pain started. I wasn’t going to wait any longer and I googled for dentists. I found Dr Zahir / Cedar Road Dentist / Ideal Smiles.

The website was insanely helpful. I filled everything out, and got a call back (something unheard of from my experience in the area – normally doing anything online results in becoming last priority).

I was scheduled as soon as possible for an exam at the Ideal Smiles location in Virginia Beach. I was called before-hand and told about expectations for COVID-19 safety. I went in about 20 minutes early in my mask. I was handed a sanitized pen, and clipboard with the paperwork. I filled everything out and even my copy of ID etc was handed back to me sanitized and cleaned.

I have honestly never encountered a thoroughly clean and sanitized waiting space. And even better – the office staff was so kind and polite. They were understanding of my situation, and worked with me during some pretty severe special circumstances.

The hygienist who was helping and Dr Zahir came in with full PPE gear on, and I am so grateful to them for being so thoroughly careful. There was never a time I felt at risk.

I left with a referral for an endodontist, and instruction to follow up asap for a crown.

My experience with endodontist was satisfactory, but definitely held no candle to the care and disease prevention Dr Zahir and her team uphold.

I went back today for my crown. This time at the Cedar Road location, and again the level of care, sanitation, and safety during this time is commendable. I appreciate how seriously they are taking this situation as my son is immunocompromised.

As for the dental care, she was thorough and kind and patient. The work was on a far back tooth, and it was at an odd angle. Dr Zahir was super patient and explained thoroughly what was going on for me. I struggled quite a bit with my own anxiety around dental work, but she was so patient and careful and kind. I genuinely appreciated her patience with me.

Long review summed up, amazing experience thoroughly felt safe going in right now! Thanks Dr Zahir and staff!

5 Stars Rating

IJ James

Dr. Zahir and staff are amazing! Helpful and made my experience a 10/10! Would highly recommend!

5 Stars Rating

Kori Harris

Great first visit – exceptional treatment

This was my first visit with Doctor Z and I came away very impressed. Her attention to detail and ability to explain my treatment was exceptional. She has an outstanding support staff which I’ve known for 10 years and they continue their brilliant professionalism. Debbie and Jan always laugh at my jokes – they should get paid extra for this service. They’re the best!

 5 Stars Rating

Bob G.

I’ve been with this practice for many years and have thoroughly enjoyed everyone. They are very much a family practice and ensure that you are comfortable. Debbie…..your the best hygienist and Jan, love your thoroughness as you work along side the doctor.

My first visit with Dr. Zahir resulted in having a procedure that I was completely not expecting. She listened intently to my concerns and she was thorough in her explanation of what was involved with the procedure and even offered to do it while I was there. It was painless as she and Jan fully explained to me beforehand and throughout the procedure they checked often to be sure I was good. The staff goes out of their way to ease your mind. Thank you!

5 Stars Rating

Lisa B.

Dr. Zahir, Dr. Dukes, Pam, Jan, Debbie, and the entire team are amazing! My husband and I moved from Chesapeake to Poquoson last year, and we don’t hesitate to make the commute to stay patients of Cedar Road Dental. The facility is great, and the people are amazing! So worth the drive!!!

5 Stars Rating


Professional Dental Services

My dental cleaning was thorough and complete, including fluoride treatment. This was my first visit with Dr Zahir, and I found her to be very professional and attentive to my dental needs. I would gladly recommend this practice to others looking for a family dental practice.

5 Stars Rating

Robert G.

She is very personable and always informative. She advises about procedures and gives you options that are easy to understand. The staff is always welcoming as well.

5 Stars Rating

Guy (Tom) M.

Continues to be a great dentistry

Dr. Zahir is personable, and easy to talk to about my dental needs. She also has a great staff.

William R.

Dr Zahir

I felt very good about my initial experience with Dr Zahir, she was very thorough and took the time to explain to me the issues my exam exposed. she took extra pictures so I could see for myself on the computer screen. She made her recommendations and suggested time frame which I was comfortable with. As I was leaving the appointment, I was surprised to see that she is also a licensed periodontist which saves me a trip to specialist. Dr Zahir was very professional and pleasant to deal with.

Dan F.

Continues to be a great dentistry

Dr. Zahir is personable, and easy to talk to about my dental needs. She also has a great staff.

William R.